NDTec exclusive distributor of GelSight products in Germany and Austria

We are pleased to announce that we are adding another innovation to our portfolio and NDTec is now the exclusive distributor for GelSight products in Germany and Austria.


Gelsight has developed its own digital touch technology with a prorietary elastomer platform. Thanks to this innovative elastomer platform, a soft high-resolution touch sensor has been created that adapts to the shape of an object and captures its surface topography with extreme precision. The captured data is analysed and immediately provides detailed 3D information about the surface features, regardless of illumination or material reflection. The result is a very precise surface characterisation.

GelSight Mobile™, for example, is a handheld device that accurately displays, as well as measures, the 3D topography of any surface, revealing microscopic structures that are normally difficult to see. The device can be used on any surface, including metal, glass, carbon fibre or textiles.

The advantages of GelSight products:
- Precise and repeatable
Enables extremely detailed, non-destructive measurements at the nanometre scale, eliminating human error and subjectivity
- Fast
Real-time 2D and 3D surface inspection with customised UI workflows enable pass/fail testing in seconds
- Portable and versatile
With Gelsight, you can inspect and measure any type of material in the field instead of disassembling or cutting parts for lab analysis. Regardless of the lighting conditions of the environment.
- Traceable
Traceable measurements, full documentation and a digital inspection record for objective quantification of surface defects.

For more information, please visit the GelSight website: www.gelsight.com

We will provide more info on our website soon. If you have any further question, please contact us at sales@ndtec.net