NDTec develops future-oriented NDT solutions for everyday problems in industry and specializes in visual testing. The company has been focusing on the sales and service of rigid and flexible endoscopes, videoscopes, and documentation systems. NDTec is a reliable partner to industrial customers (in aerospace, inspection, building construction and civil engineering, automotive technology, the energy industry, and processing facilities) as well as to experts in safety technology. The company sees the greatest potential growth in the development and advancement of its own VTec videoscope line.

As a reliable and experienced partner, we apply our product and industry experience for the benefit of customers from the following industries:

The primary advantages of nondestructive testing lie in time savings and cost efficiency. In their pursuit, we work with our customers to create application-specific, portable solutions for the various fields of application in endoscopic visual inspection.



Thomas Weinberger and Rainer Zibuschka have been appointed Managing Directors of NDTec. Both are recognized experts and internationally networked industry insiders in the area of nondestructive testing.


Fascinating NDT (Nondestructive Testing)

“I have been working with nondestructive materials testing for over 25 years. I am truly excited about the versatility of this technology: Endoscopes are useful to anyone from the mechanic in the aircraft hangar to the technician maintaining a wind turbine. Developing products that are robust and multifunctional on the one hand and take into account the special characteristics of each application on the other is our goal as well as the measure of our success.”

Customer Proximity as a Top Priority

“To me and my staff, it is important to understand our customers' various applications. This is an essential prerequisite for offering the right products to support the expertise of technicians, inspectors, and engineers. Customer dialog and consultation are therefore extraordinarily important for us to be able to cooperate with and provide solutions for our customers.”


Investment in the Future

“With NDTec, we strive to strengthen our position as a full range supplier in the area of RVI (Remote Visual Inspection). On the basis of our experience and tradition, we are in a position today to develop the product solutions for tomorrow.”

Connected by Common Values

“We act as a medium-sized company that focuses on customers, their applications, and reliable service. Direct and fair communication, an "honorable merchant" mentality, and partnership are the values that connect us with our customers.”