VTec Q Videoscope


The VTec Q is a lightweight, compact and flexible video endoscope with a range of options and adaptability to meet the needs of your daily inspection routine.

With a weight of less than 1 kg (depending on the probe), the VTec Q is extremely light and handy. It combines the latest technology with intuitive, easy handling. The latest high-definition imaging technology provides excellent images on the 5.5" OLED display - even in bright sunlight everything is precisely visible. The flexible probe offers 360° bending and hence a large pivot range and panoramic view.  

Quickly interchangeable probes with different diameters (from 2.3 mm) and working lengths increase flexibility. The cameras are interchangeable, offering different options to adapt to the inspection task. With personalised annotations stored with the image, the inspection situation becomes more specific in practice and contains more information for the user.



VTec X


Razor-sharp images, easy handling, mobility and an unbeatable price-equipment ratio make the VTec X an all-rounder for multiple inspections.

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VTec Q


Light, compact and flexible with various options and adaptability such as interchangeable probes and cameras, the VTec Q is perfectly designed for the different requirements of everyday industrial testing.

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VTec S


The VTec S is the perfect choice when probes of different working lengths and diameters are required and when the screen and probe must be used in different places.

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VTec M


The VTec M videoscope is the perfect choice if you want a compact system that offers interchangeable probes and covers special applications such as UV and infrared.

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