VTec X


The VTec X videoscope offers cutting-edge technology for conclusive inspections in harsh industrial environments and has been developed by NDTec specifically for these requirements. Due to its high quality, the VTec X delivers razor-sharp images while at the same time providing an intuitive and easy one-hand operation. The high-resolution, contrast-rich display can be adjusted to the brightness of the environment. The joystick control enables a precise, lag-free probe control, with automated and patented locking brake for steady probe orientation.

The shockproof housing made of wear- and chemical-resistant synthetic material and the robust probe with 4-way articulation with tungsten braiding and a stainless steel probe head are designed for industrial use in extremely challenging inspection areas. A high-power LED light source and high-performance fiber optic light guide ensure an excellent illumination. The Micro USB 2.0 and HDMI port and an SD memory card slot guarantee fast data transmission and high compatibility with stationary and mobile devices. The compatible battery pack is suitable for standard batteries.



VTec X


Razor-sharp images, easy handling, mobility and an unbeatable price-equipment ratio make the VTec X an all-rounder for multiple inspections.

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VTec Q


Light, compact and flexible with various options and adaptability such as interchangeable probes and cameras, the VTec Q is perfectly designed for the different requirements of everyday industrial testing.

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VTec S


The VTec S is the perfect choice when probes of different working lengths and diameters are required and when the screen and probe must be used in different places.

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VTec M


The VTec M videoscope is the perfect choice if you want a compact system that offers interchangeable probes and covers special applications such as UV and infrared.

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